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Juniper Festival 2020

2020 sees Juniper Festival return (albeit at a later date than normal!) for its seventh year, and this time we're going green! This edition of Scotland's original gin festival will showcase environmentally conscious gin brands and continue our use of compostable materials. Tickets are just £22, with £2 going towards Trees For Life, a charity dedicated to planting native forests in Scotland.

Our festival is constantly evolving to ensure the best possible experience, but while still retaining a recognisable format. This year for your ticket price, you'll receive a welcome cocktail, and enjoy the following from some of the country's finest producers:

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The heart of the festival - the main aim of Juniper Festival is to put you in front of the talented individuals responsible for making and selling the good stuff! All sampling is included in the ticket price, and you get to learn first hand the stories behind your favourite (and new favourite!) brands.

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The Dissection Room sees brands pair up with some of the best cocktail bars from around the country to create bespoke cocktails for your enjoyment. These, as well as full sized G&Ts can be purchased from exhibitors, or you'll find longer serves in the Fever-Tree bar in the Main Hall.

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As always with Juniper Festival, we are constantly amazed at the level of knowledge of our guests, and as such as proud to continue our dedication to gin education. You'll find even more interactive elements than before, and a curated program of talks and masterclasses on a variety of subjects.

Tickets on sale!

Building a more environmentally conscious gin festival.

We're commited to making Juniper Festival as sustainable as possible, with the future goal of making the first carbon neutral gin festival.

This year, we'll continue our use of compostable materials, focus on eco-conscious gin brands, and for this year we've partnered with the wonderful Trees For Life, with £2 of each general admission ticket going to help with their important rewilding program in Scotland.

Our intention is to become the first carbon neutral gin festival, and will strive to achieve that goal as soon as possible with the help of our partners. You can find out more about the work they do below:

Trees For Life

Trees For Life are a multi-award winning conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands through planting native trees, reintroducing missing species such as the red squirrel, and inspiring others to get involved and aid wellbeing.


Vegware is an Edinburgh based specialist in plant-based compostable foodservice packaging, made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials, and designed to be commercially compostable with food waste, where accepted.


Our venue since Juniper Festival's inception in 2014, Summerhall is now a 'Closed Loop' venue, meaning all compostable materials are kept separate, and uplifted by vegware and disposed of correctly after the festival.